Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Morning

Sunday morning....  I wake up to Tuck's 'good morning and feed me please' attentions.  Today that included jumping on me and licking my nose.... not the best when you're trying to breathe.  He really is 7 [not 14, as advertised], and doing well since losing his sibling last fall.  But I digress...
Text my friend, check my e-mail and Facebook.  The expected messages from my coaching program, LOTS of Facebook updates, and the distraction of things that need to be packed... after moving some things around and into a box or two, I have some breakfast and turn on Pandora... yea!  better than any radio, ever.  Now, music that matches my mood to get things done. 
On my list for today....[aren't you glad I shared?] pack the stuff in kitchen I don't use,  pack the stuff in the closets I don't use... play some guitar hero before packing up the Wii... poop scoop, clean the guest bathroom, put more stuff into the pile to give away or take to the Salvation Army.  Yes, even though they aren't very gay-friendly I believe they help people.  Re-do a flyer for a Vision Workshop and get it printed.  I'd better get started!