Friday, December 13, 2013

too long away

It has been too long since I wrote.  I have not looked back see if what I write today repeats itself somewhere else in this log.  Too bad if it does.  I am writing this now.  And maybe that's the only way to think about it.  I'm writing now.  I'm thinking this now, I'm feeling this way about things now, and all that gets blurted onto this empty space.  Poor reader.  Nothing of interest or humour... :)
There are things I can put here that I cannot put in my Facebook page. Of that, I'm certain.  Look for those kinds of things here.
Today's memory quote:  "For being so butch, you sure are gentle with those eggs."  Anyone know who said that to me?  Let me know.  There won't be a prize, just total shock and wonder from me.