Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another one bites the dust

It may seem insensitive to put it that way, and I'm pretty sure Colleen would be OK with it.  I found out through a Facebook posting last week that a wonderful friend has passed onto the next piece of her journey.  I am not known for being gentle about things, and can be rather blunt.  Colleen knew that and loved me anyway.  Her approach, at least what I witnessed, was one of acceptance and love.  During one of our more philosophical conversations she described herself as 'content'.  She placed very few demands on me and our friendship, and supported me through a very difficult time with tenderness and humor, mixed in with practical suggestions on what I could be doing instead of crying all the time.  :)  I never felt judged by her, or in competition with her.  She allowed me to be who I needed to be whatever that looked like; sad, playful, witty, not-so-bright...  I know she knows I love her, and my regret is that I didn't visit her at all in the last 4 years.  She didn't ask, I didn't offer.  The last time I saw her, we were having breakfast at a little diner near her house.  I don't know what either of us were eating, I do remember how it felt to have her on the other side of the table... with that twinkle in her eye....  I felt loved - and I know that doesn't stop just because someone dies.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jailors and Angels

Today as I was reading "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen, I ran across text that I will paraphrase as: "Thoughts and actions are the jailors of fate, and the angels of freedom."  This concept; that our own mental and physical behaviors determine whether or not we live expansively or in constraint, takes the Law of Attraction into actionable territory  It's one thing to imagine and vision a life you would love living, and another thing completely to step toward it.  We are our own Jailors and Angels. We control what happens when we put thought into action - even really simple, short-term action - prompted by some small decision.  Open the door to your life and step across the threshold, don't just look out and wonder.