Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ask For It

There is more than enough in the world for everyone to have what they want.  Every moment of our lives we send messages of abundance or lack, confidence or despondence, joy or terror into the energy pool in which we live.  Lack, despondence and terror are dark energies that subdue and inhibit creativity, love and freedom.  Abundance, confidence and joy release and increase these feelings in each of us.  Whether you are a witness to the dark or a participant, there are things you can do to turn that around.

Ask for relief, ask for energy, ask for joy!  Start with gratitude for what you have right now... no matter how 'little' that might be.  To begin with, you have your mind - start with gratitude for the simple fact that you can think and change your mind when you have new information.... that's not a small thing, is it?  You are still breathing.... that's not a small thing either.  :)  You are connected to the power to change your life all the time.  Remember that, and ask for what you want, ask for a life you love living.  Do it now.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The lost is found

I knew it was there.... somewhere in the house.  I hadn't seen it in quite some time, and when I finally found it a flood of memories arrived with the finding.  I can finally stop wondering where it is.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Down, but Not Out

In this picture you see a branch of the tree in my back yard in full bloom.  About a month ago, during a really high wind, the tree let this branch go.  Over the days after, it drooped lower and lower... not enough water to the tree I think.  Last week it was completely green, just the like the rest of the tree.  This morning I see that it is in full bloom, as if it had not fallen out at all.  It is holding on and continuing, as if it is still part of the whole.  It has not given up.  It continues to be optimistic.  The song birds and hummingbirds still love it.  I am inspired by the tenacity of nature.