Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Interruption or Opportunity?

Sometimes life presents us with choices.... some of these choices are easy.... the 'right' path is obvious and offers joy and ease; it is perfectly aligned with who we are.  Some choices are not so easy and the options must be evaluated against a set of standards that each of us set for ourselves.  We will typically pick the option that causes us the least pain, or seems to have a higher value.  What if the response to the choice could include aspects of BOTH options?  What if the response to the choice is that NEITHER of them are a fit and we can come up with something new/different to do?  Wow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Do Have

One way to look at success is to remember these three things, in this order.  I'll talk about this in the first person, so we all know I'm on this journey too.  :)

First I become, in my imagination, the person I want to be.  I set my vision as clearly and in as much detail as I can manage.  I write down the characteristics of that person [the ideal me] as they relate to relationships, health, work, leisure time and giving back to my community.  I write all that down and put it in a place where I see it regularly. Some people make a vision board for this, some use sticky-notes, some write things on their mirrors... use whatever works for you.  I set the intention and imagine myself being that ideal me.  

Second, I start doing those things that the person I want to be would do, because I've got lots of ideas now that I've put together the vision.  I work on improving my relationships; I start bringing bring more of myself to my current  job; I pay attention to what I'm eating and to my exercise routine [or lack of it]; I find ways to serve in my community.  I spend more time doing those things that 'my ideal me', would do.  Things that are not in line with my ideal person get squeezed out... there's just no time for them now.

Third, I allow myself to have the success.  I look around my life, my world, and see that I have much of what I want already.  I am grateful for that, and I acknowledge all of my successes right now.  I acknowledge and celebrate the little things I accomplish every day.... more than the usual kind words to a child or a partner, more focus on doing things that help me create the ideal me.  I see what I have and what I'm creating every day and celebrate every small step.  This builds an awareness and appreciation of all that I have and all that I am in each moment, and makes it easier for the 'future me' to emerge with ease....step by step.

Success takes time and attention.  It takes awareness, focus and intent, action and evaluation.  It takes willingness to go beyond what I know now, learn new things, meet new people, and to take some chances.  Pick one small thing, if some huge success seems too difficult.  Use the three steps today to try it out. Really immerse yourself in making something happen.  

If you don't make the change you want in your life today, when will you?
I congratulate you for the successes you have today, and for those that are still only dreams.