Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun times

Here's a picture of my two favorite motorcycles in the whole world.  My garage is big enough to hold them both, and I am in the process of switching from riding the one in the back to riding the one in the front.  These are my favorites because I have been fortunate in that a friend and I used to ride [her's was the red one, and mine the black one] together a lot.  Riding with her was a joy, and I would often think, while sitting at a stop light that she should just cut the unnecessary revving.... and that I loved the feeling of companionship, like purpose, shared joy and non-verbal communication we shared.  We could navigate traffic on the Vegas Strip and open road alike with ease and safety without a word; we shared a penchant for ice cream at the end of a summer evening ride, or breakfast at Callville Bay.  I am more than pleased to love and care for her bike going forward and to pass mine along to another friend who is new to riding and will find her own joy on the road.  We are family.  I know that these two bikes will remain friends and have many more fun times together.

Monday, February 17, 2014


More people in my life are talking about death as a transition.  I get it.  Using a different word helps lighten the load a bit.  Death is such a final word.  It implies a distinct end to something after which there is nothing or emptiness or some great vacuum.  Sure, when we die our hearts cease to beat and our breathing which we rarely noticed, ends.  What remains is eternal, kept daily by those we love, and those we didn't. Everyone we touch is affected.  Everyone.
The world lost another child, parent, partner, friend.  It happens every day, many times a day.  We can't escape it.  When possible, we let our hearts feel, let our hands miss the physical presence, our ears listen for that voice, our eyes search the room for him/her who will not be seen again.  When possible, we hold to the knowledge that our beloved has dropped the confines of a miraculous mechanical form and is now living everywhere.  The transition takes place.  We honor that.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Partners in Believing

One of the main life transforming ideas I teach is that we need partners in believing to reach our goals.  So many times we try to make it on our own, resist asking for help, and keep our anxieties about money, relationships and success to ourselves.

Why do we do this?  A couple of things that come to mind are pride, competitiveness, fear of failure, or fear of exposing weakness to others.  These are not natural conditions for human beings!  Those are all fear-based ideas.  Your partners in believing look past your pride, do not compete with you, support you when you fail and hold your vulnerabilities gently... these are the people you want close.

You know how it feels to be completely accepted, loved and honored.  You can surround yourself with those who offer you that.  You know who these people are right now.  Let them know you appreciate them.

Many of you who are getting this message are my partners in believing, and I thank you for that now.  :)  Thanks for being there!


Yep.  It's tax time.  I'm sitting here with all my bills from last year.  Two different jobs, two different places where I lived, home office now, moving [can I deduct that?], rentals, lots of donations from the move home... I spent two hours entering all my donations and added about $400 to my refund.  I guess that's time well spent.  I now know where all that stuff went that I've been thinking: "I used to have a ...." or "where did I put that?"  It's gone.  Nice to have an inventory... Of course, there's still more to go.  OK, make room for something new!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Greetings from Home

I realized today that I still have this space to write, and that some people actually look for it, or take the link to it from my web site.  I am no longer working away from home, and I love being in my own space.  I've managed to clear out most of the excessive/duplicated items I brought home with me, or that appeared here while I was gone.  Did I write already about the 27 bath towels?  :)  That was a trip!  De-cluttering is a wonderfully refreshing activity that I should do on a regular basis... nothing better for creating open space and focus.  Will write more.