Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Through

Sometimes life just seems like something you have to get through.  Daily tasks and responsibilities need to be taken care of, people need your time and attention, you need to travel from here to there.  I'd like to talk for a minute about life being lived on purpose.

Take a good look at how you spend your time.  Inventory, even for one afternoon, each activity you do and how long you spend doing it.  Seriously, make a list.  Thing I do:    Time spent doing it:
Then, add a column.  My choice  Yes/No, and indicate whether doing that thing was your choice or not.

Do it before you read on....

When you get done with this exercise, you will have a really good idea whether or not your life is being lived for your own purpose or someone else's.  Then, go back and change all the No items to Yes.  Each thing you do all day, every day is REALLY YOUR CHOICE.  When we really want something different, we make different choices.  Each choice you make that takes you toward the thing that you want moves you forward to a life you love living.  Getting through life is no longer how you live.  Being in life in each moment becomes your new normal because you are now aware.